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Celtics Assistant GM Compares Baylor Scheierman to NBA Players

Baylor Scheierman has been a standout player in college basketball, and his impressive performances have not gone unnoticed. Recently, a notable comparison was made by the Celtics’ Assistant General Manager, drawing attention to Scheierman’s potential in the NBA. In this blog post, we will explore this comparison and what it means for Scheierman’s future.

Who is Baylor Scheierman?

Baylor Scheierman is a versatile guard-forward from South Dakota State University. Known for his all-around skills, Scheierman has demonstrated his ability to score, assist, and rebound effectively. His basketball IQ and on-court vision make him a valuable asset, and these attributes have caught the eye of NBA scouts and executives alike.

The NBA Player Comparison

The Celtics’ Assistant GM recently provided a player comparison for Baylor Scheierman, likening him to a blend of two NBA players. According to the GM, Scheierman’s playing style and skills are reminiscent of Joe Ingles and Gordon Hayward. Both Ingles and Hayward are known for their versatility, shooting, and playmaking abilities, making this comparison a significant compliment to Scheierman’s potential.

Implications for Baylor Scheierman’s Future

This comparison indicates that Scheierman has the tools to succeed at the next level. The Celtics’ Assistant GM’s assessment suggests that Scheierman could thrive in a role where he can contribute in multiple facets of the game, similar to how Ingles and Hayward have done in their careers. For Scheierman, this recognition may boost his draft stock and provide him with opportunities to showcase his talents to NBA teams.

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