Rams at 3-6: Time to Hit the Panic Button in LA?

Alarm Bells in LA

The Rams are sitting at 3-6. Yes, you read that right. After a meager 3-point showing in Green Bay, should fans be worried? It’s not looking good.

Rypien’s Rocky Road

Brett Rypien only managed 130 yards. And an interception, too. Is he the right leader for the Rams’ charge? Or is it time for a change?

Ground Game Going Nowhere

Royce Freeman rushed for 32 yards. Just 32. With a ground game this parched, can the Rams find an oasis soon?

Kupp’s Quiet Day

Cooper Kupp caught two passes. That’s all. For 48 yards. Is this the star receiver we know? What’s causing his silence?

Standings Say It All

The NFC West isn’t kind. The Rams are third. San Francisco and Seattle are ahead. Can the Rams catch up, or is it a pipe dream?

Defensive Woes

They’ve let in 204 points so far. That’s a lot. Can the defense tighten up, or will the leaks keep coming?

The Bigger Picture

Look around the league. Teams have turned it around from worse. But will the Rams? It’s a million-dollar question.

What’s Next?

It’s crunch time. Do the Rams push the panic button? Or do they steady the ship and sail on? LA’s fate hangs in the balance. What do you think they’ll do?