Packers D: Rams’ Kryptonite?

A Wall in Green Bay

The Packers put up a wall. The Rams hit it hard. Did the Rams even stand a chance? The numbers are telling.

First Down Frenzy

Green Bay snagged 21 first downs. LA? Only 10. Does this show the Packers’ dominance on defense? It just might.

Efficiency on Third

The Packers converted half of their third downs. The Rams? They struggled. Is this the crux of LA’s woes?

Yards Tell No Lies

Green Bay outgained LA by over 200 yards. That’s not just good defense. That’s a smackdown. Did anyone see this coming?

The Passing Game

Green Bay’s pass defense was on fire. They held LA to 4.1 yards per pass. How crucial was this to the win?

Rushing to a Halt

The Rams’ rushers? They faced a green wall. Earning just 2.6 yards per rush, they were stifled. Was this the Packers’ plan all along?

Red Zone Denied

The Rams didn’t sniff the red zone. Not once. Is this the sign of a defense peaking at the right time?

Time of Possession

Green Bay held the ball for over 35 minutes. LA? Just under 25. Did this control the game’s tempo?

Takeaways and Turnovers

Both teams had two turnovers. But the interceptions? All on LA. Is the Packers’ secondary to thank for this?

Final Thoughts

The Packers’ defense stood tall, turning the Rams into mere mortals. Was it a one-game wonder? Or are they just getting started? Let’s keep our eyes peeled.

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