Ohio State’s Poor QB Play

Have you ever seen a team that’s like a puzzle with one crucial piece missing? That was Ohio State in the 2023 Cotton Bowl, a game that ended not with a bang, but a whimper, in a 14-3 loss to Missouri. Picture a once-mighty ship struggling to sail against a relentless storm; that was the Buckeyes, with their offense stifled, held to under 200 total yards. It was like watching a chess player without their queen, trying to navigate a game with limited moves.

Then there was the quarterback situation – a narrative twist that no one saw coming. Devin Brown, stepping in as the replacement QB, exits with an injury. Enter freshman Lincoln Kienholz, thrust into the spotlight. But the stage was too big, the lights too bright. Completing just 6 of 17 passes, Kienholz looked like a young actor forgetting his lines on opening night. It wasn’t just a game; it was a harsh lesson in the unforgiving nature of top-tier college football.

Now, this poses a big question for Ohio State as they look to 2024: who will be their answer at quarterback? If the Cotton Bowl was a glimpse into the future, then the Buckeyes have some soul-searching to do. It’s like looking at a chessboard and realizing you need a better strategy. The QB position, the linchpin of the offense, is up for grabs, and the answer is as crucial as it is elusive.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Adversity often breeds opportunity. Ohio State has a history of bouncing back, of finding diamonds in the rough. Maybe there’s a star in the making, a player who, with the right guidance and confidence, can step up and fill those big shoes. It’s a challenge, but also an exciting prospect.

In conclusion, the Buckeyes’ journey ahead is filled with uncertainty, especially at the quarterback position. As they regroup and plan for 2024, the decisions they make now will shape the future of their offense. Will they find the missing piece of their puzzle? As we ponder this, one thing is for sure – the world of college football is never short of surprises and comebacks. So, who will rise for Ohio State? The anticipation is just another part of the thrill of the game.

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