Iowa State’s 2024 Potential

Ever had that feeling of “so close, yet so far”? That’s probably how Iowa State feels after their Liberty Bowl showdown. They went head-to-head with Memphis and came up short, 36-26. It’s like running a marathon and stumbling in the last mile – a mix of pride and disappointment. The Cyclones, known for their defensive prowess, found themselves on the back foot, giving up five touchdown passes including long bombs of 70, 51, and 48 yards. It’s like a well-rehearsed play that unexpectedly falters at the final act.

But let’s not overlook a glaring statistic – twenty carries for zero yards. It’s akin to a chess player making moves but not gaining any ground. This stat alone paints a picture of a game where every effort to advance was met with an unyielding wall. It’s not just a number; it’s a story of a struggle, of missed opportunities.

Despite this, the loss in the Liberty Bowl can’t overshadow the entire season. Winning seven games, Iowa State exceeded most preseason expectations. It’s like finding more treasure than you set out to find; it may not be the jackpot, but it’s certainly something to celebrate. This season wasn’t just a set of games; it was a journey that surpassed what many thought possible.

Now, looking ahead to 2024, can Iowa State build on this season’s success? It’s a question that looms large. Think of it as a base camp on a mountain; they’ve made it this far, but can they reach the summit? It will take reflection, hard work, and perhaps some strategic changes. However, the potential is there, like a seed that’s been planted and is ready to grow.

In conclusion, while the Liberty Bowl loss leaves a bitter taste, it doesn’t define Iowa State’s season. The Cyclones have shown grit and exceeded expectations. As they gear up for 2024, the question isn’t just about building on this year’s success; it’s about how high they can climb from here. Will they take this experience, learn from it, and rise to new heights? For Cyclone fans and the team alike, the anticipation of what’s to come is part of the magic of the sport.

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