NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar broke his hip and required surgery after the 76-year-old accidentally fell at a concert over the weekend, his rep announced without providing further update on his condition. (U.S. Department of State from United States / Wikimedia)

NBA Icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Hospitalized After Breaking Hip in Fall

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 76, was hospitalized over the weekend after falling and breaking his hip at a concert on Friday, according to a statement from his representative Deborah Morales.

Abdul-Jabbar underwent surgery on Saturday to repair the hip fracture stemming from the accidental fall.

Morales provided the update on Abdul-Jabbar’s health via his Substack account, writing that the iconic center needed surgery following the incident at an unspecified music event.

“We are all deeply appreciative of all the support for Kareem, especially from the Los Angeles Fire Department who assisted Kareem on site and the amazing medical team and doctors at UCLA Hospital who are taking great care of Kareem now,” she said.

No further details or updates have been given since the initial statement confirming Abdul-Jabbar broke his hip and was transported to UCLA Hospital after his fall.

Abdul-Jabbar is considered one of, if not the greatest, NBA players ever after a storied 20-year career with the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers.

The 7-foot-2 Hall of Famer was named league MVP a record six times, matched only by current Laker LeBron James. Abdul-Jabbar also held the all-time NBA scoring record for nearly 40 years until James surpassed him in 2023.

Since retiring in 1989, Abdul-Jabbar has remained active in various off-court roles while battling multiple health issues.

In 2009, he shared a leukemia diagnosis and in 2020 revealed a decade-long fight against prostate cancer. Most recently, the legendary center was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation in 2023 and has used his platform to promote awareness around the heart condition.

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