Who Will Emerge as The Sack Leader of 2023?


As the 2023 college football season unfolds, a fierce competition is brewing among the defensive linemen. Who will clinch the title of the sack leader? The race is heating up with Jalen Green leading the pack, but can Trey Moore or Mohamed Kamara catch up? Let’s dive into the stats and performances of these sack artists.

The Current Leader: Jalen Green

Jalen Green from JMU has been a terror for opposing quarterbacks, amassing an impressive 15.5 sacks so far. His technique and speed off the edge are hard to match, which has put him at the pinnacle of the sack leaderboard. Yet, with a few games left, is his lead unassailable?

The Closest Competitor: Trey Moore

Trailing behind is Trey Moore from UTSA with 12.0 sacks. Moore’s explosiveness off the line has been a spectacle this season, and he’s just 3.5 sacks away from tying with Green. Can he unleash his fury and overthrow Green from the top spot?

The Dark Horse: Mohamed Kamara

Don’t overlook Mohamed Kamara from CSU, who has accumulated 10.5 sacks. Kamara’s sack numbers have been climbing, and his relentless pursuit of quarterbacks is a sight to behold. Though a bit behind, a couple of multi-sack games could propel him to the top.

Jonah Elliss and Antwaun Powell-Ryland: The Outsiders

Not far behind are Jonah Elliss and Antwaun Powell-Ryland with 10.0 and 9.0 sacks respectively. Though they need a bit of a sack spree to catch up, football is unpredictable and a couple of stellar performances could shuffle the leaderboard.

Factors That Could Shuffle The Board

Injuries, team strategies, and upcoming matchups could play a pivotal role in determining this year’s sack leader. Are the offensive lines of their upcoming opponents robust enough to halt their sack race?


The chase for the title of 2023’s sack leader is a thrilling subplot of this college football season. While Jalen Green holds the fort now, the gap between him and his competitors isn’t wide. Each game from here on is not just a team battle, but a personal battleground for these defensive stalwarts. Who will emerge as the sack leader of 2023? The anticipation continues to build as we march towards the end of the season, making every snap a must-watch event for football aficionados.