What’s Behind Tulane’s No. 24 Ranking and Can They Keep the Momentum Going?

In a season sprinkled with surprises, Tulane Green Wave’s unexpected rise to No. 24 is one narrative that’s captured the imagination of many. With a 7-1 record, they are riding a wave of momentum that begs the question: What’s fueling their success and can they keep the rhythm going? Let’s dissect the factors behind their ascent and what lies on the horizon.

A Season Kick-started with Promise

Tulane set the tone with a convincing victory over South Alabama. Though they stumbled against Ole Miss, the response was emphatic with a string of victories, demonstrating a blend of grit and skill.

The Pratt-Hughes-Kays Trio: A Symphony in Play

The limelight often falls on the quarterback, and Michael Pratt has risen to the occasion. Yet, football is a melody played by an orchestra. Makhi Hughes and Lawrence Keys III have been instrumental, adding depth to the offense, turning potential stumbles into orchestrated advances down the field.

Defensive Resilience: The Unsung Heroes

Every great narrative has its unsung heroes. In Tulane’s tale, it’s the defense, with Jesus Machado leading the tackles and Lance Robinson being a nightmare for quarterbacks with his interceptions.

The Test of Tenacity: The Close Shaves

Victories against North Texas and Rice were not cakewalks, but a testament to Tulane’s tenacity. They were a reminder that battles aren’t always won with a blowout but with a heart that refuses to quit.

The Road Ahead: Riding The Wave

With the clash against East Carolina looming, the stakes are higher than ever. It’s not just about defending a rank, but proving to the world that the Green Wave’s current standing is not a fluke.

The Momentum Conundrum

Momentum is a fickle friend. It’s here today, gone tomorrow. The challenge for Tulane is to keep the momentum from becoming a moment. It’s about ensuring that the wave they are riding doesn’t crash ashore before reaching its pinnacle.


The essence of Tulane’s journey so far has been about defying odds and showcasing a brand of football that resonates with both the aficionados and the casual observers. As they gear up for the battles ahead, the Green Wave has not just the eyes of their faithful on them, but those of the entire college football landscape. The tale is thrilling, the stakes are high, and the gridiron is set for Tulane to etch a narrative worth reminiscing.