Is Duke’s 2024 Class a Prelude to Another Championship?

Big Man on Campus

Have you heard the big news? Patrick Ngongba II is now a Blue Devil. Standing tall at 6-foot-11, he’s not just a player; he’s a statement. Is Coach Scheyer crafting a title-winning masterpiece?

A Center Among Shooters

Ngongba’s commitment is huge. Literally. He joins the sharpshooting crew of Flagg, Knueppel, Harris, and Evans. Together, they’re a threat inside and out. But can they blend their talents for the ultimate prize?

Stats that Speak Volumes

Ngongba’s stats are eye-popping. Averaging 12.7 points on 70% shooting? That’s efficiency we love to see. Will this dominance transfer to the college courts?

From Good to Great

Remember the name. Once a top-100 prospect, now top-25. Ngongba’s rise is meteoric. But will this trajectory continue at Duke?

A Legacy of Success

Duke’s legacy is undeniable. With alumni like Keels and Roach, they breed winners. Does Ngongba have what it takes to follow in their footsteps?

The Big Question

So, here’s the clincher. With Ngongba on board, are the Blue Devils destined for another banner year? Only time will tell, but the buzz is real. And we’re here for it. Are you?

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