What Impact Did Brandon McManus’ Field Goals Have on the Jaguars’ Victory?

In a game where every point mattered, the Jacksonville Jaguars edged out a win against the Pittsburgh Steelers with a final score of 20-10 on October 29, 2023. Brandon McManus, the Jaguars’ placekicker, played a crucial role by successfully converting four field goals.

Early Game Dynamics

Right from the get-go, McManus made his presence felt. His first field goal, a 50-yarder, put the Jaguars on the scoreboard. Shortly after, he nailed a 51-yard field goal, extending the lead to 6-0. His accuracy from long range set the tone for the game.

Steely Resolve in Second Quarter

As the Steelers narrowed the gap with a field goal, McManus was unfazed. He answered back with a 38-yard field goal, helping the Jaguars maintain a lead. His ability to deliver under pressure kept the momentum with Jacksonville.

Critical Moments in the Third Quarter

The third quarter saw an exhilarating 56-yard touchdown pass from Trevor Lawrence to Travis Etienne Jr. Yet, it was McManus’ earlier field goals that cushioned the Jaguars’ lead, making the touchdown a significant turning point.

Sealing the Deal in the Fourth Quarter

With the game on the line, McManus showcased his mettle once more. His 37-yard field goal in the fourth quarter not only extended the lead but also drained the clock, showcasing a seasoned performance in crunch time.

McManus’ Impact

McManus accounted for 12 of the 20 points scored by the Jaguars. His ability to convert field goals, especially from long range, provided the necessary cushion for the Jaguars to operate their offensive and defensive strategies with a lead.

Comparing Offensive Outputs

While the Jaguars showcased a balanced attack, the Steelers struggled. Mitch Trubisky threw two interceptions, contrasting Trevor Lawrence’s more controlled play. The Steelers’ rushing game also paled in comparison to the Jaguars’, with Travis Etienne Jr. leading the charge.

Defensive Standout

The Jaguars’ defense was a wall the Steelers could not surmount. They managed to keep the Steelers at bay, allowing only one touchdown and a field goal. This defensive solidity, coupled with McManus’ pinpoint accuracy, carved the path for the Jaguars’ victory.

Looking Ahead

This victory is a testament to the Jaguars’ well-rounded team performance with McManus’ contributions being a major highlight. His performance underlines the importance of a reliable kicker in tight games.


Brandon McManus’ impeccable field goal conversions were instrumental in the Jaguars’ victory over the Steelers. His ability to remain cool under pressure, coupled with a sturdy defense and balanced offensive play, encapsulates a well-deserved win for the Jaguars, further solidifying their strong position this season.