Top 10 Surprises of the 2023 MLB Playoffs

1. Texas Rangers Sweeping Baltimore Orioles in ALDS The Texas Rangers, having just clinched the Wild Card, demonstrated exceptional skill and team unity to take down the number one seeded Baltimore Orioles in a 3-0 sweep during the ALDS.

2. Diamondbacks Sweeping Dodgers in NLDS In another unexpected turn of events, the Arizona Diamondbacks showcased their underdog spirit and swept the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLDS.

3. Astros Losing the Home Advantage The Astros experienced a significant setback, losing their home advantage during the playoffs, which was a surprising turn for the team with a solid 90-72 season record.

4. Phillies Dominating the Marlins The Philadelphia Phillies displayed an unparalleled performance against the Miami Marlins, energized by the support of their home crowd, and advanced to the next round.

5. Astros Taking Down the Twins in Four Games The Astros made a comeback, eliminating the Minnesota Twins in just four games during the playoffs, despite their previous setback.

6. Rangers vs. Astros Rivalry in ALCS The longstanding rivalry between the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros reached new heights during the ALCS, with the Rangers ultimately taking the victory.

7. Diamondbacks vs. Phillies in NLCS The Diamondbacks faced off against the Phillies in the NLCS, with both teams showing an exceptional level of play and determination.

8. Rangers Heading to the World Series The Texas Rangers, after a grueling seven games, triumphed over the Astros and secured their spot in the 2023 World Series.

9. The 12-Team Playoff Format The new 12-team playoff format added an additional wild-card spot in both the American League and National League, shaking up the traditional playoff structure.

10. Unexpected Standings The final standings of the season, with multiple teams tied with a 90-72 record, added an extra layer of competition and unpredictability to the playoffs.

Conclusion: The 2023 MLB playoffs have been nothing short of thrilling, with unexpected sweeps, heated rivalries, and surprising upsets shaping the course of the postseason. As we gear up for the World Series, one thing is for sure: the excitement is far from over.