The Roar of 50k Fans: A Deep Dive into Iowa’s Historic Women’s Basketball Game


A hushed anticipation filled Kinnick Stadium, but not for the usual football game. Instead, a women’s basketball match was about to make history. Iowa and DePaul were ready, the crowd was in full energy, and history was on the horizon.

The Pregame Atmosphere

Excitement bubbled as fans poured into Kinnick Stadium, typically home to football clashes. Today was different. Today was about basketball, charity, and making history.

Breaking Records Before Halftime

Before the halftime whistle, the crowd had already shattered a record. A whopping 55,646 fans filled the seats, almost doubling the previous record of 29,619 set in 2002. The cheers resonated across Iowa City, marking a monumental moment for women’s sports.

Caitlin Clark’s Magical Performance

Amidst the roaring crowd, Caitlin Clark was crafting a masterpiece. Her tally of 34 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists wasn’t just a triple-double; it was a statement. Every rebound she grabbed, every assist she made, and every point she scored echoed through the hearts of the 55,646 in attendance.

The Charity Angle

This wasn’t just about basketball. The charity exhibition game redirected all profits toward the Iowa Children’s Hospital. It was a day of basketball, records, and heartfelt contributions.

Maintaining Momentum

Even the intermission couldn’t dampen the spirits. The Hawkeyes came back with a vengeance, further extending their lead. With every basket, the crowd’s cheers grew louder, echoing the monumental importance of the day.

A Win Beyond The Court

The final score read 94-71 in favor of Iowa. But the win was beyond just a game. It was a win for women’s sports, a win for the community, and a win for every young girl watching with dreams of spinning magic on the court someday.


The echoes of cheers from Kinnick Stadium will resonate for years to come. It was more than a game; it was a testament to the growing love for women’s basketball, a community coming together for a cause, and a showcase of exemplary talent on the court.