The Big Snub: The Unjust Denial of LIV Golfers’ World Rankings


The tussle between tradition and modernity in golf has hit a new peak with the denial of Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) points to the 1/1LIV Golf league. This decision, reported by reputable sources, comes as a shock to many, considering the caliber of players in LIV Golf​

The Underlying Issue The core issue lies in the contrasting formats between LIV Golf and the traditional golf tours. The OWGR cited “format concerns and limited access” as the primary reasons for the denial, creating a ripple of discontent among players and fans alike​.

Impact on Players This denial has significant ramifications. Players who joined LIV Golf have faced suspension from the PGA and European tours. Without OWGR points, their chances to qualify for majors plummet, impacting not only their careers but the entire competitive landscape of golf​

Player Outcry High-profile players like Cameron Smith and Dustin Johnson have vocally opposed the OWGR’s decision, showcasing a clear divide within the golf community​. Their stance reflects a larger concern about the fairness and inclusivity of golf’s ranking system.

The LIV Golf Appeal LIV Golf’s appeal for OWGR points was a move to bridge this gap, aiming to provide a fair platform for all golfers regardless of the league they play in. Unfortunately, the appeal fell on deaf ears, leaving LIV golfers in a precarious position​1​.

Re-evaluating the Criteria It’s crucial to re-evaluate the OWGR criteria to encompass evolving formats and leagues. A rigid system not only stifles innovation but also denies deserving players their rightful rankings.


The denial of OWGR points to LIV Golf is more than a mere disagreement over formats. It’s a reflection of the larger struggle between tradition and modernity in golf. As the sport continues to evolve, so should its ranking system to ensure fairness and recognition for all players.