NFL Ratings Skyrocket: Is Taylor Swift the New MVP Off the Field?


The NFL isn’t new to celebrity attention. Yet, the recent spotlight on pop star Taylor Swift during Chiefs games has stirred a debate. Former New England Patriots star, Rob Gronkowski, isn’t a fan, and he voiced his opinion on FanDuel’s Up & Adams show.

Swift’s Stadium Spotlight:

Swift’s relationship with Chiefs player Travis Kelce has brought her into the NFL limelight. The cameras often catch her reactions during the games, creating a spectacle that’s far from the usual touchdown celebrations. Host Kay Adams argues this is a win for the NFL, bringing in a new fan base, while Gronkowski finds the focus on Swift excessive.

Gronk’s Gripe:

During his appearance, Gronkowski humorously suggested that since Swift is getting much screen time, she might as well perform. His playful jab at the situation, however, underlines a concern that the focus is shifting from the game itself.

Pop References:

Gronkowski’s comment, “Bye bye bye,” may have mixed up pop tunes, but his message was clear. He’s all for celebrating the sport, not sidelining it for pop culture moments, however iconic they may be.

A Game of Focus:

The crux of Gronk’s argument lies in respecting the hard work of the players. The NFL stages are platforms for athletes to shine, their rigorous training culminating in those game-changing moments on the field.

Swift’s Impact on Ratings:

There’s no denying the “Swift effect” on NFL ratings. Her presence has likely drawn her fan base into the NFL sphere, possibly boosting viewership figures. Yet, is this transient attention beneficial in the long run?


The debate mirrors the broader dialogue of merging entertainment realms. While Swift’s NFL cameo intrigues many, others like Gronkowski prefer the spotlight stays on the game. As NFL ratings soar, the balance between sport and spectacle continues to be a topic of hot discussion.