LSU vs. The Field: Who Can Challenge The Reigning Champions?


As the basketball season springs into action, all eyes are on LSU, the reigning champions. Under the guidance of Kim Mulkey, the Tigers are roaring louder than ever, poised to defend their national championship. With the AP Poll ranking them at the zenith, the anticipation is palpable.

Kim Mulkey’s Midas Touch:

In her third year at Baton Rouge, Mulkey has sculpted a team that reflects her vision. The tactical acumen and player development under her reign have propelled LSU to the pinnacle of college basketball.

Hailey Vanlith:

The New Playmaker: LSU’s roster is further bolstered with the addition of Hailey Vanlith. Though traditionally a point guard, Vanlith’s versatility to operate from the wing adds a new dimension to LSU’s offense. Transitioning her to a classic point guard role, Mulkey aims to enhance the team’s playmaking prowess.

Squad Depth:

LSU’s Forte: The amalgamation of seasoned players and fresh talent like Vanlith provides LSU a profound squad depth. This depth is a significant factor that sets them apart from the competition, making them the favorites yet again.

The Colorado Challenge:

The upcoming clash against the Colorado Buffaloes is a snippet of the challenges that lie ahead. While LSU’s recent performances showcase a dominant force, Colorado’s upset against Duke highlights their potential to surprise.

Competitive Landscape:

The road to back-to-back championships is laden with formidable adversaries. Teams with robust rosters and tactical versatility pose a threat to LSU’s title defense. The landscape is competitive, but LSU’s current form makes them the team to beat.


Key to Retaining The Crown: The journey towards a successive championship will test LSU’s adaptability. Whether adjusting to new playing styles or countering strong defensive setups, the ability to adapt will be crucial.


LSU, with its concoction of experienced guidance, talented roster, and the ambition to excel, stands tall among the contenders. The narrative of the season will be enriched by the battles that LSU will engage in to retain their crown. The clash against Colorado is but a glimpse of the thrilling journey that lies ahead. Each game is a step towards etching a legacy of dominance in the annals of college basketball.