Is Allen’s Play a Concern for the Bills?

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills’ star quarterback, is under scrutiny. His performances this season have been a mix of brilliance and flaws. With 1,841 passing yards, 15 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions, Allen has had his ups and downs.

Allen’s Strengths

Allen has proved himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the league. His throwing power is unmatched, delivering passes with precision and speed. Allen’s mobility is another asset, often turning a potential sack into a first down.

Areas of Concern

However, there are concerns. Allen’s interception count is alarming. In the previous game against the New England Patriots, Allen threw an interception that contributed to the Bills’ loss. His QBR of 68.9 in that game was below his season average of 74.7.

Comparing Previous Seasons

Comparing this season to the previous ones, there’s a slight decline in Allen’s performance. Last season, Allen had a QBR of 88.2, significantly higher than this season’s 74.7. His touchdown to interception ratio was better last season.

Recent Games

In the last five games, Allen’s performance has been inconsistent. The Bills lost to the New York Giants and the Jacksonville Jaguars, games they were expected to win. In these games, Allen’s QBR was below his season average.


While Allen’s performance this season has been concerning, it’s important to remember his contributions to the team. His arm strength, accuracy, and mobility make him a unique talent. The Bills’ coaching staff needs to address the interception issue. With some adjustments, Allen can regain his top form and lead the Bills to success.

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