How the Falcons Claimed the NFC South?


The Atlanta Falcons’ climb to the top of the NFC South has been one of the season’s most unexpected turns. Their victories have shown the league they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Regular Season Performance:

With a 4-3 record, the Falcons are first in their division. Their success can be attributed to their resilience and team performance.

The Crucial Wins:

The Falcons secured crucial victories against the Panthers, Packers, and Buccaneers. Each of these games showcased their potential.

Team Leaders:
Desmond Ridder, Bijan Robinson, and Drake London have been integral to the Falcons’ success. Their performances have propelled the team to new heights.

Desmond Ridder:

As the quarterback, Ridder has thrown for 1,630 yards and six touchdowns. His quarterback rating of 84.1 is impressive, especially for a young player.

Bijan Robinson:

Robinson, the team’s running back, has rushed for 404 yards. His ability to break through defenses has given the Falcons a new weapon.

Drake London:

London, a wide receiver, has caught passes for 383 yards. His speed and agility make him a valuable asset to the team.

Kaden Elliss and Jessie Bates III:

Elliss has been a force on defense, making 45 tackles. Bates has three interceptions, showing the defense’s ability to make game-changing plays.


The Falcons’ claim to the NFC South is a testament to their hard work and dedication. Their team leaders have played crucial roles in their success. As the season progresses, the Falcons must continue to build on their victories and prove they deserve to be at the top.