Can the Cyclones Maintain their Defensive Dominance?


The Iowa State Cyclones have showcased a formidable defense this season, standing as a bulwark in the Big XII. Sophomore linebacker Caleb Bacon has emerged as a significant figure in this defensive line-up. With the season unfolding, the question beckons: can the Cyclones sustain this defensive mastery?

Caleb Bacon:

A Defensive Maestro: Caleb Bacon, a Lake Mills native, has been a revelation for the Cyclones. His statistics speak volumes, with 14 solo tackles and two sacks to his name this season. Bacon’s presence on the field is a testament to his prowess and the Cyclones’ scouting acumen.

Big XII Standings:

A Closer Look: Currently, the Cyclones hold a promising position in the Big XII standings, with a 3-1 conference record and a 4-3 overall. However, the crushing defeat against Oklahoma highlighted some vulnerabilities. The path to maintaining a top spot will demand consistency and overcoming such high-caliber opponents.


The Cyclones’ Forte: The defense has been Iowa State’s stronghold. The team’s success in games against TCU and Cincinnati underscored the defensive unit’s capability to stymie potent offenses. However, sustainability is key, especially with challenging fixtures ahead.

Upcoming Challenges:

The upcoming game against Baylor is a crucial one. Baylor, although not at the top of the standings, possesses the ability to upset the rhythm of the Cyclones. A stringent defense will be indispensable to navigate through such tricky fixtures.

Injury Concerns:

No team is immune to injuries, and the Cyclones are no exception. Any significant injury to key defensive players like Bacon could derail the momentum. The depth in the roster will be tested in the forthcoming games.

The Defensive Strategy:

Coach Matt Campbell’s defensive schematics have been instrumental in the Cyclones’ success. Adhering to a game plan that accentuates the defense’s strengths while mitigating weaknesses will be crucial. Additionally, adapting to the offensive strategies of upcoming opponents is imperative.


The Cyclones have showcased defensive brilliance this season, with Caleb Bacon at the forefront. The road ahead is fraught with challenges, but with a robust defensive strategy and a bit of fortune on the injury front, the Cyclones have the potential to maintain their defensive dominance in the Big XII.