Brooks vs Ewers: Who Truly Drives the Longhorns’ Charge to Glory?

The Texas Longhorns are off to a flying start this season, sitting comfortably with a 5-1 record. A significant part of this success story is the stellar performances of quarterback Quinn Ewers and running back Jonathon Brooks. While Ewers has been a sensation, Pro Football Focus (PFF) has spotlighted Brooks as the season’s star. Is PFF’s assessment accurate, or does Ewers deserve more credit? Let’s delve into the heart of Longhorns’ triumphant run.

Ewers’ Exceptional Execution

Quinn Ewers has showcased a remarkable finesse on the field. With a tally of 1,704 passing yards and a completion rate of 69.6%, he’s proven to be a formidable force. His ability to read defenses and deliver precise throws has kept the Longhorns on a winning trajectory. His statistics are not just impressive; they narrate the tale of a quarterback who’s ready to take on any challenge thrown his way.

Brooks: The Unseen Engine

On the flip side, Jonathon Brooks has been nothing short of a revelation. Despite not starting on opening day, Brooks grabbed the opportunity with both hands when it came knocking. With 726 rushing yards, six touchdowns on 108 carries, and an additional 127 yards receiving, Brooks is PFF’s Offensive MVP. His overall grade of 85.9% is a testament to his consistent and groundbreaking performances.

The PFF Verdict

Pro Football Focus has thrown its weight behind Brooks, and the statistics back their claim. Brooks’ ability to churn out crucial yards in high-pressure situations has been a game-changer. His performances have not just been about gaining yards; they have been about keeping the Longhorns’ dreams alive.

Ewers or Brooks: The Crux of the Matter

The debate boils down to who has been more instrumental in navigating the Longhorns through the rough waters. Is it Ewers with his pinpoint passing, or is it Brooks with his relentless rushing? Both players have showcased exemplary skills and have been the linchpin in crucial games.


The Longhorns’ journey to glory is a tapestry woven with the brilliance of both Ewers and Brooks. While PFF’s endorsement of Brooks is well-founded, overlooking Ewers’ contribution would be a folly. The Longhorns are galloping towards victory, with both Ewers and Brooks holding the reins tightly. The road ahead is long, and as the stakes get higher, the Longhorns will bank on their star players to continue this glorious run.