Anchor of the Eagles: Is Jason Kelce the Silent MVP?


In the world of football, quarterbacks often steal the limelight. However, behind every successful pass, there’s an army of linemen safeguarding the quarterback. Among them, Philadelphia Eagles’ center Jason Kelce stands out. His exceptional performance this season has caught the eye of many, including ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky. This leads to an intriguing question: Is Jason Kelce the unsung hero behind the Eagles’ success?

Jason Kelce: The Pivotal Center

Jason Kelce, with his formidable size of 6’3” and weighing 295 lbs, is the backbone of the Eagles’ offensive line. His role goes beyond just physical blocking. He’s the maestro orchestrating the line calls, ensuring seamless communication and execution. This season, Kelce’s almost flawless performance in both blocking and line calling has been a revelation, making life much easier for quarterback Jalen Hurts.

The “Tush Push” Phenomenon

One of the highlights this season is the “Tush Push” quarterback sneak, a play that has captured the NFL’s attention. While Hurts’ size and strength are notable, it’s Kelce’s initial push that sets the stage for success. Being at the bottom of every pile, Kelce’s contribution is fundamental in executing this innovative play successfully.

MVP Candidacy: A Justifiable Mention?

The MVP accolade traditionally gravitates towards quarterbacks or other skill positions. However, the importance of a center can’t be overlooked. They are the unsung heroes making those game-changing plays possible. Kelce’s superior blocking, impeccable line calling, and pivotal role in executing the “Tush Push” make him a strong, albeit unconventional, MVP candidate.

The Analysts’ Take

Dan Orlovsky’s endorsement brings Kelce into the MVP conversation. Other analysts too have begun acknowledging Kelce’s vital role. His excellence on the field not only elevates the game of his teammates but also significantly contributes to the Eagles’ winning formula.


Jason Kelce’s MVP candidacy shines a light on the often overlooked but crucial role of linemen in football. His outstanding performance this season is a testament to his importance on the field. As the silent engine propelling the Eagles forward, Kelce’s recognition as a possible MVP is not only a personal triumph but a nod to the linemen who are the real MVPs behind the scenes.