Kansas Scores Wild Touchdown on Option Play vs. Texas


In a thrilling college football game between the Kansas Jayhawks and the Texas Longhorns, one play stood out among the rest. It was a wild touchdown scored by Kansas on an option play that left spectators in awe. The play unfolded after running back Daniel Hishaw recovered quarterback Jason Bean’s fumble, turning what seemed like a disastrous situation into an incredible scoring opportunity.

The Fumble Recovery

With the game tied late in the fourth quarter, Kansas was driving down the field in hopes of taking the lead. However, disaster struck when the snap was mishandled by Bean, causing the ball to hit the ground. As the Longhorns defense closed in on Bean, Hishaw reacted quickly and scooped up the loose ball.

With the ball now in his hands, Hishaw had a split second to make a decision. Instead of panicking, he saw an opening and made a bold move.

The Option Play

As Hishaw turned upfield, he noticed his teammate, wide receiver Xavier White, sprinting towards the end zone. Without hesitation, Hishaw pitched the ball to White, executing a perfectly timed option play.

The Longhorns defense was caught off guard, expecting Hishaw to tuck the ball and run. Instead, they found themselves chasing after White as he raced towards the goal line.

The Touchdown

With the Longhorns defense closing in, White made a quick cut to evade a defender and dove for the end zone. The crowd erupted in cheer as the referee signaled a touchdown.

It was a remarkable display of teamwork and quick thinking by Hishaw and White. What initially seemed like a disastrous fumble turned into a spectacular touchdown that gave Kansas the lead.

The Aftermath

The wild touchdown ignited the Kansas sideline and gave the Jayhawks a surge of energy. They went on to win the game, securing a memorable victory over their conference rivals.


The Kansas Jayhawks’ wild touchdown on the option play against the Texas Longhorns will go down in college football history as a moment of brilliance and resilience. It serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, great things can happen when players remain calm and make split-second decisions. This play will be remembered for years to come and will continue to inspire players and fans alike.

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